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Thursday, February 3, 2011


January 31, 2010

January 31 2011

I can't believe it's already been 4 months since you turned one! It's amazing to me that the more fun you get the faster time goes. This time last year I thought I'd never make it through those first 4 or 5 months. I didn't want to wish your life away but I was ready for you to spend less time crying and more time smiling. The first 4 months of your life were probably the slowest of my life. Of course in retrospect those went by in a blink just like these last have.

I've been feeling kind of nostalgic lately. I've been reliving the day of your birth in my mind and remembering it with joy! A day like that doesn't come around very often and I just wish an experience like that could last more than a mere 24 hours. Of course, I guess that's just the point. It does! I have the rest of my life with you! And with every passing day comes new and exciting experiences. It's truly amazing to me what a little toddler you've become since turning one. I was bound and determined that you would remain a baby until at least the age of two but you definitely have different ideas! I swear it happened over night! And you know what? It's o.k.. I'm surviving! Yes you are growing up way too fast but it's true what all moms tell you. It truly gets better and better! I would relive your babyhood again if I could but I wouldn't want to keep you there forever even if it means you're growing up. Watching you grow, master new skills and discover new things is just too much fun!

Last week we I had a birthday. Unfortunately Daddy had to work from very early in the morning until late in the evening so it was just you and me. Believe it or not, I can count it among some of my best birthdays! Of course I would have loved for your Daddy to be with us , however, I'm not sure it would have had the same effect. It made me realize how lucky I am that I'm going to have a daughter to spend so much of my life with. We had lunch together at the mall, did a little shopping, you played at the mall play area and then we went to Gymboree. To top it off, you were unusually affectionate. At one point, you walked up behind me and said "mama" while patting me on the shoulder and leaning your head in. I mean seriously? Does it get any better than this?!! And this is still just the beginning!

Mommy has been working on a 365 project for the last year in which I tried to take a picture of you everyday for a year. I started it on January 31st 2010 when you were 4 months old. It just ended this week with you at 16 months old. It can be a lot of work but I'm not sure I'm going to completely be able to give it up. I can look at each one and remember taking the picture! I can actually remember at least one moment of every single day! It's amazing to see how much you've changed over the last year. And I love feeling like I have a place I can keep all my memories that, if left to their own devices, would eventually fade away into oblivion. I can't wait to get them into a book so I can look at them again and again. It's been an amazing start to your second year so far. I can't begin to imagine how much you'll change over the next 4 months. However, I'm looking forward to soaking up every moment!